3 Witches.

Two other people and myself (a man and a women) walked with me down a wash. The sun was setting and the wash echoed whispers of the people who had been there before us. This wash apparently was a scared place, where people would go and sacrifice themselves to the devil in order to gain ultimate power. I wasn’t myself in this dream. I was a witch like the other two. On the walls of the wash were the painted outlines of body’s, those who sacrificed themselves before us. Each drawing had a voice and if you looked at it it would speak to you. You could even see the way they died. The women witch kept telling us we were almost there. “ were so close”. We were looking for the this tree. The tree was the devil himself. I felt a sense of despair as we walked closer. The voices began to fade and I started hearing a low vibrating buzz. I looked up to see the tree. It was the size of a house, black and twisted. Around it was a very dim glow. I felt hopeless, In his presence. I couldn’t go any closer. Me and the male witch grabbed the women and pulled her away from the tree. We dragged her back up the wash, she kicked and screamed but we didn’t stop til were out of the wash and at the truck. She told us we were fools. So close to ultimate power. As we began to board the truck I turned to look at her and her face was covered in blood and teeth stuck out of her skin. I kicked her down the wash… the low buzzing sound returned and I woke up. 

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