Tornadoes. My favorite Nightmare.

Ultimately how all of this began. I was about 6-7 years old when I first starting having nightmares. They’ve been on and off ever since. However in 2017 they have became a nightly reoccurrence. 

When I was little I’d have nightmares of tornadoes closing in on me and my family… visions of their skin being ripped off of their body. I never actually died in a dream. Most of the time it would be the same dream with slight differences. Me and my family are walking through a park of some sort. All around us was a huge storm. Gray clouds, lightening, even scent of rain in some dreams. Followed by pairs of black tornadoes. I’d begin to look in all my directions to find more and more each time I turned my head. I don’t think my family ever noticed them. I’d warm them, pull on them and even scream for us to do something. We needed to get to some place safe. But they wouldn’t move. The tornadoes were growing stronger. I felt the winds grabbing a hold of us. Then we’d all shift to a panicking state. My sisters began to scream and cry when the winds carried them off. I’d look over to see my dads skin being ripped off of his body by the winds. Pieces of his rib cage being exposed. My mom was the last to leave me, all I could remember in the morning were the tears in her eyes as the skin was being ripped off of her face. 

 This went on for years. I was terrified of tornadoes. But as I grew older I became very acquainted with the dream.

I was curious to know what it meant. Why did this keep happening? And what does it mean.

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