Now I know what you’re all thinking. That’s a city right? Wrong! 

This dreams starts off taking place in parking lot. It’s dark, and there is a storm approaching. Acquainted by what looks like a blackish purple dust. Reminds me of when I got trapped in an actual dust storm on my way to Phoenix. I pushed everyone into the car. I was accompanied by my siblings who I urged to put blankets over them to protect their eyes. The dust began to move/lift the car and the winds started to pull them out of the car. I held my brothers hand tight. “Close your eyes and it will go away.” Than the winds stopped. There were people around us who called this storm the Anaheim. The dream shifted from us being in the parking lot to being in a house. Parts of this house looked familiar. The storm was no longer made of dust, when it got closer to you, you could see that it was made up of demons. The demons would disguise themselves as family members in order to get near. One proceeded toward the door. He met my gaze and began to smile. It was an ugly smile, there was no light in his eyes. A very blank stare. One came up behind me and grabbed me. As I pulled away more and more entered the home. I grabbed a bat and started swinging, I couldn’t let them near my siblings. However, no matter how hard I swung the bat wouldn’t kill them. There’s was too many of them. They swarmed me and began to beat me… I’ve never died in a dream before. But the feeling that over came me in that moment was a hopelessness. I couldn’t save them… strangely enough I awoke to my sisters voice “sis.” 

When I awoke she wasn’t there and when I asked her about it she said she had no idea what I was talking about.  

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I’m a 23 yr old mother from Tucson, AZ. If you ask me to tell you about myself I’ll be at loss for words, because most days I don’t even know who I am. Let this site help your perception.

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