Complete Chaos.

My most recent dream and in my opinion, the cherry on top of all my fucked up dreams. It’s been a while since I’ve had a dream this graphic.

I’m in a group, a massive group of people. Running under what looked like a sewer system. This dream took place in the mid evil era. Judging by the outfits. We ran up to what looked like an old palace. Maybe something built In the 1800s. I was no longer in this massive group, I was in the palace watching. Inside this palace was a king whose body had been split in half. His blood looked purple. Kind of like grape jelly. He was pale and aching in pain. He did not want to answer the door. The massive crowd was outside. Two of his helpers came and slid the other half of his body back together and held him up to the door. Once they opened the door the king was no longer a king, it was a women. She began singing this very old song. What sounded like opera, only to have an arrow shoot out from the crowd and dart right through her head. She fell to the floor and the crowd trampled her body. The crowd was in complete chaos. Visions of people raping the palace workers and skinning the queen. I run out to see them setting new born babies on fire. I dropped to the floor and began to scream. I couldn’t save them. 

Written by

I’m a 23 yr old mother from Tucson, AZ. If you ask me to tell you about myself I’ll be at loss for words, because most days I don’t even know who I am. Let this site help your perception.

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