I trust you.

“I am not responsible for your happiness, but I can contribute to it. Ultimately your happiness is up to you.”

– If I could have it my way I’d take it all away. All of your pain. All of your worries. I never wanted you to face what I’ve faced or felt what I’ve felt. I’ll say it til the death of me. “I never knew true love until I met you.” Even before we met face to face. You meant the world to me. I created thoughts of you in my head. Wondered what you’d be like, and I swear… you were all I thought you’d be and then some. 


The first word that comes to mind. There’s nothing that you could ever do or ever say that could stop my love for you, and if I ever lost you… I don’t feel there’s purpose for me here anymore. It hurts to see you sad, you probably won’t understand this. You might not even believe me. 

But I’ve lived here long enough to know that no matter what I do I do not have power over you, all I have is influence. Some things I can’t even put into words, I just hope you feel it. I never believed shit either… until I felt it for myself. Since you have my blood running through your veins I could only imagine you’re somewhat the same. 

Please try and understand that with every good there is a little bad and with every bad there is a little good. Make peace with both sides. You’re going to need to face them both. 

I admire the fire in your heart. You’re independent just like me, you do things your way. Whatever path you decide to take…

I trust you. 

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