From what I remember…

Last night I had a dream about my childhood home, the big home out near what we called the black mountains. A little fact about the mountain: If you look closely enough in the middle of it, it looks like there’s a skull carved into it.

The town looked empty, I was the only one there. I called my dad on the phone, trying to remember how to get to the house. Still til this day my sister and I don’t remember exactly where our childhood home is. He couldn’t help me, it’s hard to remember what he said if he ever responded at all. I recall seeing a human like koala, almost the size of a toddler maybe even bigger, running the opposite way. Somehow, I could see out across the horizon. The sun was out as if peeking through the aftermath of a huge storm… or maybe one was forming. Lo and behold the occurrence of a huge tornado began to form and an overwhelming fear flowed through my body. I just couldn’t find home, I was panicking. Wandering around the empty roads and then I woke up.

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