This began at a school I was attending. At first he wasn’t my grandfather he was just some guy who lured me to his home. I was in my teens I believe. The home looked exactly like my grandparents house. He was very controlling and abusive. I remember sweeping the house and him explaining how he believed women needed men and that men should be able to do as they please. “When she screams I’ll get her, that’s how I know she needs me.” He was describing his pet spiders… how he’d leave the female spider alone with all the males to be attacked. In one part of the dream I remember him molesting me. He ordered me to grab clean sheets from the closet before hand. The dream began to take the form of me as a child. And the man was no longer just a man but he was my grandfather. I didn’t find out til nearly the end of the dream that he was molesting my little sister too. I heard my parents outside the house ready to pick us up. He wouldn’t let us go, there was no other way but to kill him. I believe he tried to kill us first. He ran at us with knives. Somehow I grabbed a hold of it, my sister was behind him and she stabbed him in the back. I proceeded to stab him in the heart. He kept moving while on the living room floor… I was in fear that he would get back up again, so I cut off one of his legs and and gashed him in the head. By then I knew he was dead. My parents were outside waiting. The dogs protecting the house were aggressive, they didn’t want us to leave. However, they didn’t attack. We got into the car and drove away. My parents were still together in this dream, my sister and I tried to explain what just happened but there wasn’t much of a reaction… they were much too fascinated with each other. I noticed some of my dads old CDs in the counsel, showing them to my sister. Then I woke up.

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