A happy place

I don’t remember how or where we were at first, all I knew is it was a happy place with all of the people I loved. I ended up in a barren neighborhood. It was dark. Dreams have a way of making the darkness you know even darker. I was riding a bicycle. One of those very old ones with a basket in the back. In my basket lied my sister as a disabled child. Humbled in fetal position. As I rode through this neighborhood I looked up into the sky to find the North Star. I was riding toward it. I started to notice a thick fog start to surround me. “I can’t lose it, we’re almost there.” I was panicking. The fog began to swallow the star and I was riding through this fog completely blind. I figured the star would reappear as long as I kept riding but then I felt a overwhelming fear take over… accompanied by horrid growls off in the distance and to the sides of me. Growls I’ve heard in dreams before. There was danger… I could feel it. I turned us back around and took us back to this “happy place.”

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