North Star

What do you do when you’ve reached a point, where the point is no longer. Riding down the road carrying everything you’ve once loved… only to realize you don’t love “it” anymore. As a matter of fact you don’t love anything anymore. The star you’ve followed is lost. Swallowed by the darkness and “it’s” depending on you to make it out of this hell. But what if, like the star you’ve been swallowed by the darkness. And this is the only place you want to be. I feel nothing. Either way I am not happy. So what if I found the star for you. It would have never made me happy. “It” never loved me back. I want to disintegrate… into the nothingness that swallowed my star. I don’t give a fuck. You can have the star, I just wanna stay here. Let “it” die. I don’t mind… dying with “it.”

Based on one of my nightmares*

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