The End.

There was this huge mansion. Very big and beautiful, with all of my “family” inside. I seemed to be playing a different character in this dream with a different family. Right before my eyes the mansion began to crumble, crushing everyone inside. Sinking into this huge sinkhole in the ground. I saved my daughter and I think one other person. I don’t remember everything correctly, but somehow I ended up inside the crushed mansion in the parts that were “walkable.” I knew I had killed a man in some part of my dream. My dad, sister and myself were all kneeling down in the kitchen waiting for the police. I explained to them in a whisper that I had killed him and not to tell the officers. Finally the officers arrived and tell us they’re looking for a suspect, I thought it would have been me. But the suspect they were looking for was actually my dad. Immediately my dad tells the police I killed the man and that they have the wrong person. Still, they took him away. I proceeded to this very wealthy looking plaza, with very nice stores and restaurants. I ended up in an outside restaurant that looked somewhat like a winery. My man was there waiting for me at a table with two empty dark green bowls. I ripped out my heart and put it into the bowl. My boyfriend had a heart too, he tried to eat it but I said he wasn’t doing it right and proceeded to tear my heart up like an uncooked chicken. Allowing all the blood to fall into the bowl until the heart was white. I told him I would die soon and that I had to go. I went back to the broken mansion, there was a man waiting there for me… I assume he was an officer. He was speaking to me but as I walked up I lost my hearing, and could only “see” his words. I began to lose my balance and collapsed to the ground. I was dead. There was blackness and the end credits began to play. It was the first time I ever died in dream.

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