The High Priestess

Last night I had a dream I was driving with my cousin, sister, and friend down a dark road. Which looked a lot like the road to my old childhood home. I live in Arizona so there was mountains everywhere, I looked out into the distance towards a dark mountain. There was a beam of light in the shape of the man. He looked like he may have been dancing, preoccupied with some physicality. The closer I looked, he was an angel. Wearing a white type of toga with some red on it. He was carrying a scroll. He would jump up and float around Very beautifully. We proceeded to drive up and down very large hills and my stomach dropped. I couldn’t take the feeling and I “awoke.” I believe I was still dreaming laying in my bed, unable to move. As if I was in a state of sleep paralysis. Beside me hovering in the air was a tarot card. “The high priestess.” Her eyes looking down on. As I just lied there staring back at her.

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