I feel like I have had experiences with astral projection, but could never really distinguish between dreams and OBE. As I lied in bed this night I began to enter sleep paralysis and attempted to float. This time, I asked for gods help. Spread my arms apart and told him I was ready. I began to float all the way up to my roof. I was exhilarated! I touched my roof and began to hear music. It was that song “Eleven” by Khalid and summer Walker. Makes sense because it’s one of my favorite songs. I began floating around my room, dancing and trying to control my flight. As I did this I turned around toward my bed and saw a tv on the floor with a dim static playing. No sound. And one tv floating in the air. I grabbed the tv and began to dance with it. So happy. I tried to throw it out my window, I figured if I can get this object out the window, I can float out the window. “Out the window!” I threw it but it stayed floating inside. Then I tried to jump out of my window “Jump out the window!” Then I ended up back in my body.

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